How to save a life?

That’s the question, ain’t it?
How to save a life.

We never really get to this question because we are held on before it by it’s accomplice. Saving a life is a doctor’s job, we all think, that only they alone are capable of saving someone’s life.


Let’s rewind a little to how i got to feeling this way, the feel to safe someone’s life.

There is this season Grey’s Anatomy, most of us are familiar with it., those who are not, it’s a american show on life of doctors. I watched this season and to this day for the past 7 years, I’m with it. Certain feeling and vibes I get from it, I can see the solutions to my problems by just watching this season. I’m that accustomed with it. There is this Doctor Derek Shepherd, he died in the season last year. I am not a medical student but I study neurology because he, Derek was a neurosurgeon, he had this line he used to say before all this surguries, ‘It’s a beautiful day to save lives, people.’

That’s it, those were his words that moved me and millions of lives out there. They even named the episode in which he died, how to save a life.

His words have stuck with me to this day, it’s my motto of each day, I think about it all the time as to how many lives will I save and how to save them.
I am even working on a novel named as same.

I am not going to be a doctor. So how can I possibly safe lives. I can. There is no one way to do it.
Anyone can save lives if they want to.

For me it is and will be through writing.
I write to the best of my power and I want to excel each day. Unfortunately, I do not have guidance so I make do with myself on the very best. But I feel that somewhere on this Earth, someone might be lost and haunted and reading me would be their solace.
That I might be just what they need and my writing would touch their soul which will guide them on the path they knew but was hidden by darkness in them.
That will be a life saved.

Doctors save lives on the critical basis. On life and death matters. There is always something before that leads onto the way for life and death urgency. I want to be that person, who mends life so that they might not have to go to the doctors.
I want to be a savior of mind and soul which constitutes life in the end.

How will I save those lives?
Just through the tiny specs of my words.
They are not my words, they belong to them alone, I can only borrow them to and arrange them in such a way that may save lives.

Everyday, is a beautiful day to save lives, people!

-Naba Mehdi

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