From Infinity to Nothingness.

From infinity to beyond, but beyond where? What can possibly come after infinity. Nothingness, the precise destination.

On a field, one day, nothingness met infinity. Infinity had doubts, nothingness was drunk. Unknown of their desires they became acquainted. A tête-a-tête was held, never to be forgotten.

Nothingness:People are so busy in their own that they ain’t bother to take time out for                                    others. It’s a sad truth these days.
Infinity:           In the heart of all men is solitude.
Nothingness: In the heart of all hearts where nothing is everything and everything does                                  not exist.
Infinity:           But blossoms are sowing there, ready to be hatched.
Nothingness: Butterflies has to go through a process of nothingness to get wings and
then the rain drops are unpredictable.
Infinity:           Unpredictable is what makes it all the more interesting.
Nothingness: People are killing their blossoms unknowingly and making concrete
routes over into lead them into the land of nowhere. For me it’s
unpredictable a spice of life but some are allergic and some of lost taste.
Infinity:           Oh, but there is a reason behind that too. It is just for the love of the
people that they shadow themselves in those concrete walls to prevent
their love for the scarcity of the battle fought within.

                           In unpredictable, there is a guarantee of pain. For us a life of happiness
is not a path we choose rather we choose the path less traveled by.
Anyway, sun everyday would just bring drought.

Nothingness: life is not to battle but cherish the calmness of love and spread the
aroma of blossoms inside out.
Infinity:           Love can never be calm. If it is, then it is not love. It is just the
beginning of a new kingdom and in every kingdom there has to be some
battles fought.
Nothingness: why not choose the fragrance and sensuous if we get the chance to do
rather than lurking for a cover for the inner peace armor if know of a
real battle.
Infinity:            Fragrance and sensuous is just gonna get to distracted. Chances are hard
to come by in battles and real battles are fought within not outside.
Nothingness: love can never want to win a battle but to unleash the counterpart. It
never lurks at the throne but lays as to nurture each bud to its bloom.
Infinity:           Then what again is love? Deception of heart and mind. We have the
escalated the meaning of it, it’s much more than we think it is.
Nothingness: Fragrance and sensuous comes from inner peace and then whatever
battle does not matter.
Infinity:           Maybe the battle is to attain inner peace after all.
Nothingness: love is to unleash yourself and let yourself be another one and you be
the mentor and you be the rainfall and give wings to another other.
Infinity:           But to communicate it is a language that has to be understood without
words, this is what makes it all the more complicated.
Nothingness: For me the battles is a job that can’t be done without inner peace and let
yourself be hanged for nothing. For me it’s the extreme other end.
Instead love has claws of iron that can never rot. Why remember the
names of enemies when you get butterflies in rain.
Infinity:           Because enemies bring us close to butterflies.
Nothingness: Love can’t be inculcated or scratched out and language is not the only
come but one to the other. A silence has language to but again its not the
words that matter but the gesture. It’s the curiosity to get wings like
butterflies that brings us close to ourselves and in the deception we think
of us as enemies.
Infinity:           and we are so poor on vocabulary.
Friends are the closest enemies.
Nothingness: So build it with the fragrance around and work on gestures as it’s the
shield afterwards. Make it scented as a bloom that your drown in the

                          Three different words.
Infinity:          But their are no real enemies. It’s one’s bad side which he chooses to
show their love to make them confident on their being right.

Nothingness: From infinity to beyond.
Infinity:         Into the supreme stage of nothingness.

And now the fancy passes by,
And nothing will remain.

-Naba Mehdi


6 thoughts on “From Infinity to Nothingness.

  1. When I consider the small span of my life absorbed in the eternity of all time, or the small part of space which I can touch or see engulfed by the infinite immensity of spaces that I know not and that know me not, I am frightened and astonished to see myself here instead of there…now instead of then…me instead of you…even why instead of just because. By whose command and act were this time and place allotted to me?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was commanded by the nature and all of your life events, that is to say you.
      You are here because you chose to. The inside of your mind, into its very depth, knew your heart desire and thus, set on all of those big and small events to get you to this, place. To, today.
      All you need to do is look inside of you and you’ll see by whose command you are here, through whose wishes.
      The nature is your friend, better say, family. And God is nature. And there is God inside of you.
      It is all very confusing and vast and infinite as the stars that shine in the galaxy.
      And tell you what?, maybe to some other creatures, looking up at their sky, in their very world, they may be a star shining, and just imagine, that star just might be you.


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