Anatomy Of Everything.

I have chosen this name, anatomy of everything for my blog and it is also a my tumblr name and others too. I was thinking of how many don’t understand its meaning for me or why I’ve chosen it.

When I was trying to decide my I knew i could only do it once so I had to be careful. I thought about it for quite some time before finally putting in my decision.

So, Why I chose anatomy of everything?
Anatomy signifies what’s inside, into the depths. Now there is not any specialty of mine that I write according to, type of a genre so I thought, Why not write about everything. S many things to different stature pops into my mind, why not write about them all.
And so thus, I named it this and began writing about all these things, all the feelings that I feel, about the darkness I sometimes feel surround me and a feeling of hollowness that makes me feel worthless. I chose to write about them all.

I choose to write about everything.

-Naba Mehdi

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