You are my person!

So when I think of writing a blog about someone, doubts creep into my mind, all sorts of things, what might people think, a waste of blog and everything. I don’t agree with that,  I also remember Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy saying,
‘You need to take time and tell people how you feel.’

Well, what better way than this.
In this blog and the one next, I’ll introduce you to some people very important to me. This is my way of saying thanks for sticking out for me.

Hey Erum Aslam,
I can see the smile and surprise on your face. I also know how your heart missed a beat just now and now you stopped to notice that!
This one’s for you love!

I have known this girl for not more than 6 months probably. We ain’t same class even. Just some bus fellows! I don’t know if we are best friends or not. We never talked about that because we always have something real and serious to talk about.

We tell each others our problems but not every one of them rather we tell each other our feelings, those that we feel everyday, in different seconds.

Baby, you are my person! Like Meredith and Christina!
You don’t judge me. I tell you something and you tell me all those past and future feelings surrounding it. You understand me.
You write so deep and true that sometimes I’m scared you might be a better writer than me!
You are one hell of a deep person and an old soul! You give respect to things that they deserve.
You are a warr;or! Yes, with a colon! We are both writers so we know what that means! You can fight anything and anyone! Don’t give in to people. Don’t surrender to your parents! You hold the world within you! You are that big inside and that strong hearted!
Yes, we have both got a black heart, but who cares, black is my favorite color and it so is yours!

Stay original, honey! Make yourself proud! Start writing more to make me proud!
Believe in yourself! Do what feels good! You have this one life!

You are my person, love!

-Naba Mehdi.

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