Brothers and Sisters!

Okay, here goes my other being great for person.

I have always wanted an elder brother. I write before too as how in my family cousions are brothers too.
So, I have this brother. He’s years older than me.
He’s always been moody and in his own world. When I was a kid I used to pray that he might talk to me coolly and not in anger. Almost everyone in our family is and was scared of him. I was so that I could not talk to him without stuttering.
One day I stopped being sacred.
I don’t know how it happened but it did, now I can talk to him about anything without being scared and still many people in my family, can’t.

Awais bhai, kind of my role model.
I mean, I really do want to be like him when i grow up!
People criticize about him. Almost everyone in our family does too. They say he’s moody and have an attitude and all sort of stuff but they don’t get it he’s depressed. He’e been in depression for all his life, because he cares that much, because he it hurts him when people around him are sad.
He pretends too that it doesn’t matter to him of what people say of him for he is making his own life but it hurts him. I want to be as strong to be able to pretend that too.

It happens really that you find people like that in your life. Who you can relate to because they’ve been through the same as you, because they understand your pain and know how much it can kill you, and then they motivate you. Try to being out the best in you. That’s the kind of warriors you want in your life.
Who enter adulthood and still hold on to that inner world of theirs.

He’s my brother, yet he lets me do things most brother wouldn’t let their sisters do. He’s the only one I actually listen to. Whose words always move me from the inside.
That’s what a good brother is like.

Maybe this is stepping out of the line or going to far. But this bloging area is my world! No one who’d stop me knows about it. I need to own it to the people of my world of how great-full I am for such a brother.
This is my world and I am showing them a piece of me.

He is a warrior and I am to be a fighter!

Thank you, Awais bhai!



-Naba Mehdi

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