Soul. Body. Mind.

We all got these. That’s what make us alive. The reason we are alive, literally. It’s what make us pieces of meat move around in the world.

No one knows yet what a soul is. We all have our myths and assumptions. Some say its the key to life that our soul is sucked out of us and we die. It’s keeps us alive.

We all know what body is. The hands I am using to type this is part of my body. Pieces of meat, supported by bones and covered by skin. That’s what body is.

And then there is this mind, brain and mind are two different things. Brain is a neurological specimen that commands aur body to move about whereas mind is a conscious state.
The thoughts that flow through us, the awareness of being alive, are all done by the magnificent mind.

Now, these three things are supposed to work together. There is a veil between the three of them inside of us. We are not aware of it like we are not aware of our souls and brain and skeletons.
The conscious state, the physical body and the soul are all interrelated.

For most of us that veil is broken, for almost all of us. And we do not even try to repair it. We do know acknowledge it. We go on doing what is expected of us ignoring the thoughts that surround us.
If you try, you can talk to your conscious mind and feel it talking back to you. You can hear them disappointed for being ignored and left off for so long. They help you all the way long. They help you without your knowledge and without getting anything in return. All the thoughts that surround you, that help you have ideas that you show to the world and gain points are their doing.

The veil that is broken needs to be mended. It is necessary to make you work properly and with the hidden knowledge of yourself, that you hold inside.

Look inside of you, there is so much to be seen, you are full of things that needs your attention. Your soul needs your attention. It is always there for you in time of being kind and just. Its invisible or rather Smokey and gaseous, whatever form, it exists.

Your mind exists, it talks a lot because it’s attention seeking. It’s a kid.

Pay yourself some attention. Look inside of you.

-Naba Mehdi

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