What is society??

We are society. We are made of it. We make it. There is no outer force called society. We ourselves create barriers for us and refuse to admit it to the world so we name it society. Society is a way of blaming every one in a committee because that’s what it really is and all of us has a Vito power, we have that power over none other than ourselves.
It’s our own fault that we assume that others have that Vito power and not us because all of us are trying desperately to prove ourselves the innocent of us all.  Like all what we try to prove of ourselves is that we say nothing and do nothing and hold no power over anyone or anything yet society crushes us down.
People we are society. All of us. We live together. We make the rules. Apply them on others but when they fall on our porch we hold ourselves back and blame the society.

That’s what I think. I am a girl. I hate this. Being a girl keeps me from so many things boy my age can do easily.
My cousin, 3 years younger can drive and have a bike but I am not supposed to because I am a girl and too young and Immature.
We are supposed to hide our bodies. The tradition is cover your head in front of your father, that’s what most mothers advise their daughters in Asia because that disrespected the fathers.
If a girl is raped or harassed or any of this sort of thing happens to her, the family is disgraced. Why? The girl had to put up with everything. She was wronged. She was used. But somehow the family is the innocent party and are disgraced and disrespected.
These are just somethings that are widely common. I see them and feel them because I am a girl. I am sure boys think they are used too. I try to think of their perspective but I can not go to that depth.

These are some common things you find around. If someone speaks against it, they would be stopped following that somethings are the way society works. We can’t do anything against it. We have to cope with it because we live in the society. We have to run with the society.

The only question that pops up in my mind after all this is, who is this society? It is a person? If so, then where can I find him and stop him once and for all. But I don’t find him ever and no one seems to know the whereabouts either because he’s scattered all around. He’s all around us. He is us.

We can break free of him too but we are dependent people, we are scared to stand out alone. We need to hide ourselves in a pack of people, we need to belong somewhere, with someone.
But that’s not how its supposed to be. We are strong enough to stand out alone. We are strong enough to tolerate the talks of society we leave behind and why not, they talk when we are with them too, we just ignore it and talk about the next in line.

It’s a mess but we can break free. I will break free. I will stand out alone of need be. I will not be society. I do not need to run with it. I need to do what I want to do. I will.
And if we see it this way, then we are all free. this world is free, we are free to do whatever we want, the only thing that holds us down is this society, that we are part of, ourselves, but refuse to admit it.

I, Naba Mehdi, is free. I wear the sash of freedom.

-Naba Mehdi


6 thoughts on “What is society??

  1. I feel very lucky living in the country that I do, and I hate that other people out there, (especially girls), are forced to live and behave a particular way, simply because of their gender. I know that a lot is tradition and religion, but while trying to uphold the traditions or stay true to ones religion, people must not forget about human rights.
    A very thought provoking post.

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