At The Start Line.

There was this big cricket match today, India versus Pakistan. A lot of hype. It began and everything happened, not the topic. Somewhere the end, something hit me. There was one of this batsman who scored half a century and the crowd were cheering for him.

That’s when it hit me.

That man out there, he has something to go on for. Some purpose to his life. A field he has chosen, that crowd cheering for him, that’s his dream. What’s mine?

They show it in movies and write it in books that when we are kids, there is some dream of yours. Something we want to be when we grow up and parents know about it too. They help us achieve it and motivate us.

Sadly, this doesn’t happen in real life. Here no one asks us what we want to be, no one asks us about our dream or anything. We live our lives normally, like everyone else does. We do what is expected of us rather we do what 20 neighbors of ours, of our same age does. We study, try to remember our courses to get good grades but understand nothing from it. Its a race, that we are all running into.

There is this Indian movie, Tamasha, in the end the guy narrates a story and that fits perfectly true,
The guy says, I am normal, mediocre, i am that guy with the brief-case who walks on the pavement, surrounded by everyone like me. That I am running in a race, but there is no position that I achieve, I don’t come first or second or anywhere near the line, I come in with the people who are normal, ordinary and yes, this race that I running in, I don’t even know what it leads to. I am here because everyone else is, because I was pushed across the staring line and I couldn’t turn back them.

In that moments when the batsman was getting the appreciation and cheers, it hit me that I do not have a purpose in my life. I know that already. I have debated several times with myself upon this and silenced myself saying that this is because I am only 17, I am too young to have any. That’s what i hear others say too.
But in those moments something felt different. Something hollow. That maybe i should have it. I have to have it or else what am i doing with my life.

Nothing is clear, I know and I also know that it’s okay, in life nothing is clear, right? That’s all okay but I need to know a reason why I will spend my time studying chemistry or Physics. Why am I breathing? Why is any of us breathing? Why are we wasting this oxygen when someone might inhale it and make something good out of it.

It’s always been there. This feeling. But its growing now and I will need to feed it. I will have to.And it can only be fed if I make some purpose find some purpose, do something that is cheered upon, maybe. Make something of this life but not the way most people think they do because most don’t. Most waste it. I am a teen and that’s okay, I need to start making my life extraordinary now, from this age, doesn’t matter what people says.

I have to feed this soul, this souls that demands something, demands to be recognized and felt, I have it and ’tis my duty to do so.

Because no one will push those who feel like I feel to do step on the start line of in there teens, here is me motivating you,
You can do it. You are supposed to. Doesn’t matter what people say, they don’t live inside of you, you do. Do it even if you are 15. Change the rules. Rule the world.

-Naba Mehdi

6 thoughts on “At The Start Line.

  1. 2-3 years back even I’d the exact same realization. You’re one of those really insightful people who’ve realized the absence of a purpose, at 17 !! Trust me…if you start searching and improvising….you’re gonna find something. There is no sure shot way, just follow your heart, and you’ll rule the world 🙂
    All I can say is lots of best wishes for whatever you find and do in your life !

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