Be kind and Humble.

We meet new people everyday. Some pleases us and some we don’t like very much. Those we like, we try to stick around them. Get to know them, understand them, stand by their sides in all through life. They mean something to us. We care about them. There longs a lust within us that has eyes only to understand them, see through the dark parts of them.

That evolves as our purpose.

Yet, so consumed by them we miss out on someone far more important than them. Some one we need to know and understand. We need to start loving them and that is possible only if we acknowledge them.
That is none other than ourselves.

The first aim that we need to have is to get to know ourselves that is if we want to make this life meaningful. Personal-discovery!

We are given a brain, a mind, a soul, a physical body. That’s what we are made up of. We know it yet we never acknowledge them. They make us whole but we keep them all apart from each other, probably why our brains don’t work that much or why we do not have a rather active conscious or why we are not fit in health.

But we go on pretending that if that’s not the case as if getting to know yourself is not a bit important and getting to know other people, trying to love them is. If you do not love yourself then how could you love someone else? You don’t tell your children about it, don’t talk to them about it, then how are they supposed to know, how will they ever learn to love themselves, learn the flaws in them.

Be kind and humble with yourself. What you desire is right and yours. You are not wrong or crazy, just a little different and that is no crime, being different.

Why most people choose to take their lives in their own hands and end it is because they want to love themselves and they do but the world they live in won’t let them and then they prove to be the bravest of us all and kill themselves. Put yourselves in their shoes and walk a mile!

Thus, getting to know yourself is important. Learning to love yourself and be comfortable with yourself is necessary. We need to stop looking for others to comfort us when we have ourselves for that, us, who better to understand out brokenness then us.

I do not yet know how to get to know me. No one talks to me about it so i am figuring this out on my own. But i try to build a bridge between my brain and physical being so my mind and soul can reunite once and for all.

P.S: Getting to know yourself is not realizing what you like to eat in dinner or which is your favorite color rather your dark and deepest thoughts and desires that you won’t even let surface to the realms of your brain, those thoughts and making peace with them, that they are indeed right and you love yourself enough to make them come true.

-Naba Mehdi

4 thoughts on “Be kind and Humble.

  1. Many people learn to get to know themselves in the quiet stillness of meditation. Here we can see the connections not only between mind and body, you and me, but between the never ending continuum of thoughts as well.

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