The Happily Ever After

Fairy tales taught us, after every bad time there comes complete and utterly everlasting divine, that the struggle that we pass always gives its fruits in finally finding happiness for all our lives. The happily ever after. We used to read and fantasize about them when we were kids.

Then we grew up.

We began facing difficulties and as time went on got so caught up in them that, little time was left for us to read fairy tales anymore. Nor did our parents insist on reading them to us at our bed times.

So, we started keeping them at the back of our minds, hoping to one day find, one for ourselves.

Time further grew on and so did the difficulties of life and we started seeing the fairy tales as hope for us. We started living for them, to achieve them, to do the inevitable and make them come true.

Happy endings are what we started aiming for. Living life without any struggle, a loving partner, everyone around us emerged in undying happiness, the the happily after ever in short.

Blocking all realities, we started on the path to make our own fairy tales yet convinced nonetheless that doing so is child’s play and grown up don’t invest in such hubris.

The painful part is, there are no true happy endings. No one, can and ever gets one. No matter how desperate.

These are merely illusions. Our own way of escaping the inescapable. For the truth is, we often find ourselves in the happy arms but misinterpreting them we think that they are here for good.

Sadly, no true endings are ever happy. Nothing, ever ends in happiness. So how do we propose to end our lives happily, finding that extreme pleasure in the peace of mortality.

This doesn’t mean out lives never entertain us with moments to make us happy, for it does. Our problem is, we stretch it too far, trying to make it last forever. Nothing lasts forever.

When the time comes of life offering us a chance to be happy, it must be felt that way, in those moments and availed at its fullest.

For happiness isn’t a state. Its a feeling and no feelings are ever solid, they are liquid. They keep on flowing.

-Naba Mehdi


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