Cricket Maniac


If you live in Pakistan, then you probably what cricket is for you. For those of you who did not understand the intensity of the above sentence, let me put it like this.
When the family gets the news that the mother is pregnant is probably the time when there is some important cricket match being watched, over the next 9 months time, us Asians have watched so much cricket from inside our mother’s womb that the first word we say is cricket.
This is how much cricket is important to us.
I follow cricket but not With the same passion I have seen Some people do, recently.
I graduated form school to college and my worlds changed. The former and the latter opposite of each other.
However, with time I settled into my new world. I made friends and just when I thought quote, I know this place, the sports week begin.
I had been friends with the sports Secretary, one day in my free periods, we met and she told me to skip my classes for the day and root for my college cricket team. A new experience for me, I thought why not.
I told my friend and we both skipped our classes. She now belonged to this world. Before the match began, she told me the match between f-7/2 and G-10/4 is like the matches between India and Pakistan, I laughed at the idea.
The match began,  lots and lots of girls were their rooting for their college. Us, F-7/2 had the home ground advantage. It began like all other matches, we rooted, boosted their confidence, laughed, disapproved of the outs, shouted at runs, for runs. And there came the half of the match. The latter had to bat now.
It began coolly but within minutes everything got serious. There was heavy tension in the atmosphere. Everyone was serious as if it were a international world cup final, as if there lives mattered on it.
Then I understood what my friend meant by India Pakistan match. It literally felt that way, maybe more intense. We lost. And the disappointment and sadness I felt, I cannot put into words.
This is what cricket is for us, us Pakistanis and not alone us but for all Asians.

-Naba Mehdi

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