Happy Birthday, Niece!

11 November, 2014.

This day last year, I became an aunt round about 11:30 pm, Pakistan time. We, all my family spread around the globe were waiting for this day for sometime now. It was day when, every member of the family was supposed to get a promotion, Cousins were to become aunt and uncles ( mamu and khalas ), The mother chachas and mamus and khalas were to become grandmother and grandfathers. I think that was the most anticipated day of the century yet!

The day finally came, we got the promotion letters. 11 November, everyone was on their was to beds when i screamed from the lounge. I had the pictures of the baby, my niece.

It was first time i became an aunt. Not only that, my happiness was more than most for we share the same stars and my birthday is just 4 days away from her. That night was the best night. Everyone from school knew of my becoming an aunt because that is how much I shouted of her being born.

Today, is 1 year from that day. 2015. Her birthday. This is my way of letting the world know that my niece is one year old. I have not seen her yet, Just in pictures and on Skype yet she is the most beautiful girl in the world! She lives in America and I beg her parents to visit Pakistan. Oh and her father and mother are two of the most coolest people. Her father is my quote, bff and her mother is my sister.

Your pictures make me and everyone else in Pakistan crazy! All we want to so is break through these screens and hold you in my arms. We already fight among us of who will hold you first when you’ll come.

Happy Birthday from all Pakistan, baby!!
I love you from infinity to beyond!

P.s: Her name is Aya Fatima.

-Naba Mehdi

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