Blogging 101, day 2

So, I literally have no idea on what to write for this assignment. Here goes a vague a try.

Anatomy of everything,

The words clearly suggests that it must be something internal. My whole point of using this title is to try and fall into the abyss of life and maybe by some miracle find some solid ground. My writing can not be classified under any specific category. i mean, why do discrimination? It all starts somewhere doesn’t it. One day you are being a racist about your writing and the next you may decide that it keep things in ranks and before you know you are discriminating people.

Who knows tomorrow i may wake up and decide to write about fashion or hunger and then go through all the pains of changing tagline and stuff. I am perfectly happy with my site. I write about everything that comes from my heart. Its all inside of me, Its all the depths and deepness of eternity, the metabolism of feelings or digestion of pain, Its all equal to me and i feel all the deepness with the same intensity of everything, It’s a free world and there are all these thing that are yet to discovered by me and what if I discover something but my site heading doesn’t go with the topic and that as a consequence I have to drop the whole thing. It will really be a waste of a lifetime. so It’s all really just the anatomy of everything.

-Naba Mehdi

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