As Brave As A Lion

I do not really know the best way to put it but I have been thinking about it for sometime now. I was watching Grey’s Anatomy and the general surgeon walk over to the love of his life to confess and it struck me right there ….!

I think that we are pieces of meat who do great deeds of bravery all day along that passes us by unnoticed, literally unnoticed, I mean that we do not even ourselves know that we do them.

To begin with, I think we maybe small and vulnerable but that is all only be choice because behind our foreheads is a world of our own and that is just like the universe-yet to be discovered. It’s a huge world, so huge that we ourselves do not know what it can do or behold. The things behind out foreheads-brain, can do anything, We all are people with this, some have lost the key to this world but it’s still all the same What we do or think is up to ourselves. We are really in command of how we think about something or feel about it.

My say is that everyday, we go out, to schools, for jobs, in other words we interact with people all the time, from the start of our day till the time we end it. We talk where necessary, we share out experiences, feelings, seek answers to our problems, in other word we speak and let them in our worlds below the hairs, they walk in it. But we are letting them in ours, we are not walking in theirs so there is possibly no way to know how they might take what we tell them. Will they have good opinion about us? or bad? Or are they lying when they are consoling us? We can never be sure about any of these things, we’ll never know how they will feel about us or how they judge us. Here is where our bravery is. We walk tall and tell someone something about us, playing a hunch, hoping they will not get it wrong and i think it is really brave of us that we walk into the battlefield with armors but a solider on the front. It is scary and fascinating at the same time.The bravery of waking into the battlefield giving them the freedom of choice of weapon.

We can confess to someone that we love them, while we are hoping that they will share mutual feeling, we never know when they might decide to differ from those feelings. Showing ourselves small and vulnerable is the real quality of being brave and because we all do it we are all brave.

-Naba Mehdi

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