For The Love Of Gulab

On the wintery night in Lahore, when the fun is all about the wedding to take place, the gathers would do all they could to forget their old age and taste the sweetness of youth.

On a rare occasion it might have happen that a white man sets foot in the desi village to taste the desiness of the red chapel wedding. To make the white man believe that their food is the best, the host would go infinite. What a revelation  it would if the white man agrees to it. The joy for the host would ne unimaginable and there won’t be a corner left in the whole of Lahore that the white man have not seen.

As once it might have happen, the white man falls in love. Falls in love with the fat hotty, literally hot I mean. It then becomes the fact that her power of seducing is the greatest of all. It comes as no surprise to the host when they figure out that their witty is now a brownie.

Even the whitty didn’t know what hit him, it is not easy to fall in love with the Queen of Sweets. The whitty unknown with the name of the Queen he was praising. After inquired,  the curse lifts and the secret is revealed that the person behind all the seducing is Gulab Jaman’the Queen of the sweets.

On  a foggy night, the white man driven in love, sits in his igloo, when the gathers decides to put him out of his misery and unite him with the round Queen of sweets. And that is the starts of a great Love story, about the hunt of the unknown land of Queen, in the dark, damp street of Lahore.

The people trying to unite the two lovers, set in the task of fitting themselves, squeezed not giving up. It is often said that all is fair in love and war and who would dare give up on the love of sweet.

With so much faith in themselves to complete the love story no one realizes that like in all other love stories, things don’t go that smoothly. All of them decides to give up on their fear and settles themselves under the heavenly constructions that would make their way to the desired quick. Yeh, you got it right, A Car, but if there are so many people and not enough space in the car, well that’s how Pakistanis handle things. somehow working their magic in the spirit of uniting two lovers they could do anything.

Sets on the journey going to the lonely place of Lahore at the time of night when everyone tends to sleep. Visiting the place they think they would most likely find their Queen jaman. But the little Queen knows how to play, knows how to drive the man in love crazy. Not being found in the places the uniters think they would most likely find. Breaking the rule for the sake of love and roaming around the old colorful streets of Lahore which the generation of today would scarcely visit.

Love comes not that easy and when the limits of the white man have gone beyond redemption. He loses hope and surrends to go home and grief. But Pakistanis don’t tend to give up. Trying for a one last time they go to the land far away in hope of retrieving the one they crave.

And it so happens that the craved Queen decides to be found. The two lovers unite with the a little help. The white man enjoys his beloved Gulab Jaman.

-Naba Mehdi


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